Tame those Cats

Cats come into the Shelter at all ages. Little ones, 6-8 weeks, like those pictured can easily be tamed with a bit of cuddling from people. As the kittens approach 12 weeks that taming becomes more difficult. Volunteers, who stop by the Shelter and spend time petting and holding the kitties are extremely important to the future of these kittens and of our adoption program.

We do not have a feral cat program. All cats coming into the Shelter must be able to be held in arms upon arrival. We wish we could have a more expansive program but must focus funds where we can have the greatest adoption success.

One of the important thoughts related to this is….what do I do when a feral/unowned cat has kittens at my house? Feral moms usually give birth in quiet unseen spots where kittens will not be visible for several weeks. With no human contact they can easily be totally wild. When kittens begin to romp and play, they are first noticed, but often can’t be easily captured. Make note of when you first see the kittens…they should be taken from their mom at about 6 weeks.

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