Welcome to Surface Creek Shelter

Our featured pets, Ariel and Diego, welcome you to their website and invite you to learn more about who we are.

Diego is a big, thats right BIG goof! He’s part Chesapeake 香港 iq option Bay Retriever and perhaps Catahoula. Close to 90 # and about 2 years old, Diego spent much of his younger days in an outdoor run, only to be left there when his owners moved from the State. Lucky for Diego, neighbors rescued him and he is now in a loving place, learning manners and being his silly, playful self. He loves people and exercise. Diego has lots of love to give! Will you be the object of his affection?

And Ariel……what a sweet kittie. She is very iq option 香港 friendly and a bit shy. Ariel would love a quiet home with her own bed and a lap to sit on. It will take her a bit of time to get to know you. Then you will have a drop dead gorgeous friend for life! 

The Shelter always has lots of wonderful dogs and cats looking for forever homes. See their pictures in the adoptable pets section and read the Happy Tails to see how wonderful life can be!

The Shelter is open for adoption on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am until 2pm. If another time is more convenient for you, call 970-856-2346 to 香港 make an appointment.

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