What we need…..

Kitty litter (any brand), clorox, and dog cookies (all sizes) are always needed!!!!

You can leave donations for the animals by the front door of the trailer when we aren’t there. Weather permitting. Before 3pm is best so they get inside for the night!

Foodwise..We keep the dogs  on Pedigree dry food. We use the Adult Small Crunchy Bites, the Large Breed and the Puppy. The cats are on Purina One dry food. These are cost effective and keep their digestion from the turmoil of constantly changing foods. This also helps keep kennels and litter pans cleaner.

The kittens are on Purina One Kitten dry food. Canned Fancy Feast Kitten food is always needed. Remember to look for “kitten” on the can. Diarrhea in a kitten is really hard on them so we only feed “kitten” food to kittens. Walmart, PetSmart and PetCo gift cards also help with food!

Do you have partial bags of food? Drop them by. The Animal Control Officer always knows people who are in need of help feeding their animals.
For our dogs……

Dog treats including soft and hard cookies. Both big and small, because our dogs come in all sizes.

Dog chews are great for dealing with boredom!

Leashes and collars are always welcome and used ones are great.

The doggies love toys and they need to be the sturdy kind. Little squeekie ones require more supervision than we can give. The torn up pieces plug the sewer and that is just plain BAD. So, tennis balls, kongs, heavy duty tug toys are great.

For our cats…

They love treats! And toys..you know the little mouse kind and balls to roll around. Remember, they live in kennels so tall or long toys don’t work so well.

Bedding, the absorbent, soft kind. Old towels, pieces of pile fabric. A good size is 16″ x 18″ for the cats. We are happy to cut things to fit!

Things we don’t need….

Used sheets or pillow cases…They can go to the Shelter Shoppe

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