Donate to the Shelter

The support of individuals is what makes the work we do possible. There are lots of ways to help, both financially and by volunteering.

Financial help is always needed. Funds are spent providing food, litter and clean kennels to the cats and dogs. Veterinary care includes spay/neuter, rabies and distemper vaccinations, feline leukemia testing for cats and heartworm testing for dogs. Dogs are microchipped.  And, of course, there are those pesky expenses of heat, light, building repairs and so one….to keep a roof over their heads.

Volunteers assist at the Shelter on a daily basis. They walk each dog, every day. There are cats to be held and kittens to play with.

Other volunteers work at the Shelter Shoppe. Its our wonderful thrift boutique in Cedaredge. Without the support which comes through the Shoppe’s sales we could not keep the Shelter open. Check out their Facebook page under Shelter Shoppe.

Donations of dog cookies and chews, bedding for both cats and dogs, cat treats and toys are always appreciated.

We are a 501(c)3 Not for Profit organization.  Our tax exempt number is EIN 75-3047960.  Thank you for helping!